Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baby Grace

I just decided her name is Grace. Not sure why. I do that, a name comes to me and it seems to fit.

Little Grace (as in 'by the grace of God') hasn't been doing so well the last couple days. Granted she is better than she was...

Thursday morning, I slept in a bit, knowing that Little Grace had been fed around 7:30 I wasn't too concerned about getting in there earlier than I did. I went into Jari's room and couldn't find her, I lifted the covers that were wound up in the middle of the bed (typical teen), and out fell Grace; she was over heated, her breathing was labored, she was shaking uncontrollably and couldn't stand. I immediately thought of pneumonia. After giving her 2 ccs penicillin and another shot of B0-Se, I went in search of Vit B Complex, couldn't find it; or my B-12, or LA200... they were all together last year, so assumably they are still together, somewhere.
By this time Grace's fever was down and she wasn't shaking as hard, but she still couldn't stand up or relax. Eventually, after talking to Laura in Oregon (what would I do without you?), and asking if sheep had panic attacks, we came to the conclusion that Grace wasn't suffering from pneumonia, she had panicked under all those blankets and had a seizure.
Little Grace is now back to normal, except now she has mini panic attacks where she will run around the house baaing at the top of her lungs, dodging here and there as if she were being chased by all the hounds of hell. Nothing I do has any affect on this. When she is in this state (no other time) and sees me coming, she jumps and runs away from me and I have to corner her to catch her and try to calm her down; it really doesn't help, she just has to get over it. I am hoping this too goes away soon, DH is on graveyard and the crazed baaing isn't really conducive to Little Grace's health.

I finally got my swift fixed and got started on the lace scarf. I have realized the scarf in the magazine was severely blocked, so it really doesn't look much like it now. And, my 'lace' isn't quite as 'lacy' as theirs is :)

I'm teaching a spindling class tomorrow in Elko, I made up a bunch of baggies with different types of fiber in them and spun samples, then made the spindles. I am starting them off with top from Brown Sheep. Wish me luck!
I contrived a trade with gypsyspinner in Canada, she got a pound of my delectable moorit romeldale and she sent me a pound of alpaca... awwwww, dreamy! Thanks gypsy!


Sharon said...

Ah, the spindles mystery is solved. Who better to teach spindling that you, Miss I-Spindle-My-Own-Sewing-Thread.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

How very strange, the change in your lamb! Glad you found her that day!

Jody said...

I hope the lamby gets better.
I was wondering if you got my package.

June said...

Well wishes to Gracie, I hope she gets well soon! Love the fiber you received - yummmy!!