Friday, April 24, 2009

Fiber Swap

About a month ago (I think), gypsyspinner and I made a trade; she sent me some beautiful grey alpaca, and I sent her some of my moorit CVM cross.

I had started playing with the alpaca right after I got it, but it didnt like the way I was preping it, I got frustrated and it went back in the box.

Last weekend I had some ladies from the Elko spinning group here to learn some home preping techniques. I absolutely love to prep wool at home, love to get to play in it! I also love to share the knowledge that I have gathered over the last 4 years with others. Anyway, I had all my prep tools out on a card table along with some wool; the Clemes & Clemes drum carder, my trusty doggie brush and cutting board, my mini combs, and my hand cards. The meeting went great, we munched and talked and learned.

Afterward, as I was carrying various things into my 'stash' room, my eyes happened upon the box with the alpaca in it. I slowly turned towards the living room, and there on the table were my hand carders. Bathed in a bright yellow beam of light, they glowed at me as if to say "you havent tried us yet!". I havent had my hand cards out in a long time, pretty much since I got the Clemes & Clemes. I think they were mad at me, to not have mentioned before that they could do the job better than the drum carder, but I was forgiven when they were brought forth to be fondled by all those fiber-loving women!


Jody said...

Becky it's funny that you are talking about the alpaca because today for the first time I started spinning the wool you sent me. I am flicking the ends and spinning it so as not to have too much waste. It's so soft and shiney..I luv the colour too.
I ordered a Pat Green motorized Fancicard but I will still use my combs on most of my alpaca.

Sharon said...

Bingo - that was the winning ticket.

Kathy said...

That's using your noodle, Becky! ;)

Val said...

The rolags and yarn look beautiful!

Come to think of it, I didn't truly appreciate my hand cards until I had a drum carder. It's nice to have options!