Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good News!

Apparently, I have attracted the attention of a retired veterinarian in California, who is heading up a study on Hairy Shaker disease. He is pretty convinced that is what I have here and is going to make a special trip to back-woods Nevada to take blood samples from the ram, ewe and lamb.
Yay! I feel kinda special, ya know, to be a part of the study... And grateful, I wouldn't be able to test them for awhile, at least not until I get a job.
I asked him about exposure and he said that he is fairly sure there is a genetic side to it.
We shall see!


Jody said...

Oh congrads on that Becky...that's great news!

Mim said...

How exciting! Good to have real help with a sheep problem!

Debbi (and Bob) Brown said...

That is great, Becky! The silver lining to having something "weird" show up is being able to educate others about it.

I'm sure that this research will help others in the future and maybe find a way to prevent it.

Sharon said...

Mim went through that last year - good luck. So glad you're getting some professional information.

Kathy said...

Keep us posted, Becky. When I read this I remembered about this disease/condition but hadn't seen a case of it.
Let's hope (and pray) an answer is at hand and it's something treatable.
I've got my fingers crossed!