Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Update on Grace and Furry

Grace is not a happy lamb right now. We have taken to putting her out in the garage during the day, she still comes in at night, but that wont last for much longer either. She is the most pitiful little thing! I go out every few hours to feed her and to check on Honey (the gargantuan ewe in the last post) and when I leave the garage she baaas and baaas in her high 'Oh my gosh! My mom is leaving me!' voice. I have her in with the ewes and the other lambs (she needs to learn how to be a sheep eventually, right?) but she is scared of them! I even sat out there for quite a long time making sure the ewes weren't mistreating her. I have four ewes (none of the tunis) that are bad about beating up other ewe's lambs, but the three that she is in with now are really quite tolerant. I suppose she will get used to it.

Furry is also doing great, I have concluded that he is just different, Laura commented that it is genetic, far be it from me to try to understand it. I have my areas of expertise, genetics is definitely not one of them. Of course when Honey lambs, if any of hers are not right, then the blood testing will have to happen.
In the meantime, he has gained three pounds, still no teeth though. Wonder if they will grow at all? That will cause problems...

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