Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bluegrass Festival 2009

Wow! What a day! I haven't until this weekend been able to attend the Battle Mountain Bluegrass Festival for the entire day. My son and his friends helped the organizers set up tents and lighting, move in straw bales and get the park ready for the festivities. I showed up around noon, Billie and her friend (from Elko) were already there, Gary (that lady from Reno :) had called to say she was just past Golconda and on her way.
When I was married to my first husband, we made it a habit to go to South Carolina once a year, to a place called Bryson City, and the campground named the same. There was a three man band, a fiddle, a banjo and a guitar, played every Thursday night and we tried very hard not to miss them. I remember one year they couldn't make it for some reason and it completely ruined my trip. This is where I fell in love with live Bluegrass. Not much for listening to it recorded, but will sit spell-binded watching a good banjo player pick or a good fiddler fiddle, with this kind of dreamy half smile on my face (I know because I've been told). So I totally enjoyed my self yesterday, Gary's company was great, and although we didn't sit close to Billie and her friend, they were between myself and the stage, and it was great to know they were there.
This was by far my favorite band of the day (and night, they all played two or three sets), the Burnett Family Bluegrass band from Flagstaff, AZ. These kids were all home schooled, there's Mom on the Bass, Dad on the guitar, son on the banjo and daughters on the mandolin and fiddle respectively. This was the only fiddle I saw all day so that was at least part of why I enjoyed them so much. Then their second to last song was Orange Blossom Special (I had requested it, but I dont think I was the only one :) a song I LOVE beyond words, it is so intense!

Here are the Bromely's from Los Angeles. I enjoyed them well enough too, just not as much as the Burdetts :)
There is a set of train tracks very close to the park, so everytime a train would come by, didnt matter what song or what band, they would stop the song they were doing and start a train song. It was a wonderful day :)

And now, off to celebrate Jari's 17th birthday with a trip to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Looks like fun -- I love what they all did for the train! Of course, it would have been cool if they had ALL broke into Orange Blossom Special every time, but I suppose that would have been overkill. :-)

June said...

How fun! I sure wish I could have joined you!

Mim said...

Nice to have such neat times close to home. Harry Potter isn't so bad either!

Sharon said...

I'm with Michelle - can there be too many Orange Blossom Specials? I have Dr Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys rendition. I *love* it.