Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dye Day, Sore Feet, and Goofy Animals!

Lately I had noticed that all the yarn left in my bag from one selling op to the next, was gray or white. So, I had myself a dye day! The first three skeins were dyed together, first one was dark gray romeldale, second two were white romney; next four skeins were dyed together, first two I don't remember what they are, the second two are dark gray romeldale (I think); the next four dyed together in chartreuse, first two are some of Mim's shetland, next two are gray alpaca; the last three also dyed together are anyones guess, but they have been in my bag for a long long time. It was a blast, I haven't dyed anything in so long, but my feet protested adamantly; I went to the clinic yesterday to find out why my heels have been hurting (for about the last 6 months or so) and the Dr. gave me his opinion and a referral to a specialist; he thinks I have planter fasciitis ( a break down of the connecting tissue between the heel and the fasciitis which is like a flexor tendon between your heel and your toes), which by his description of the symptoms, I would say he is correct. I have an appointment to see the specialist on the forth of August.

This is Louie. He got his name from the old Budweiser commercials with the two cameleons, because of his toes. We call him "Louie, the lounge lizard" because he has always seems so comfortable when he sleeps, no matter where that happens to be. I have an old pic of him draped across the back of a chair, front legs dangling on either side, and another on a saddle hanging from the porch rail, same position :)
Here is a close up of his from feet. You can see he has multiple toes, front and back. I figure if he ever learned how to use that opposable thumb, nothing in the house would be sacred. He has over 25 claws, and half of them don't retract. He ran up my arm a couple weeks ago and lost his balance on the way, it still hasn't healed well. He got his oddity from his mother, who has 27 claws but her paws are just splayed with the extra toes.
And this is Spaz. He came to us after my DH's Mother passed away in Arizona. Yes, I went to Arizona and got a stray cat. He was sooo cute when he was a kitten, still is very lovable.
Meet Tweet and Twit, my two cockatiels. We've had Twit for quite awhile, actually havent a clue how old he is, but Tweet just came to live with us two years ago. She is quite the acrobat! Twit was never very social, although he loves to sing to me (cat calls, dog whistles, and attempts and several other tunes, he was whistling when I took this picture), but he has never been playful. Tweet makes up for his seriousness. As you can see she sits in the perch swing, reaches over and grabs the toy, pulls it to her and then perches on both. She sleeps this way. When she isn't sleeping she is climbing up and down and around the cage, hanging from the rafters, swinging from the toys, looping in and out of the perch swing... very entertaining :)
My animals keep me busy, and happy. I really dont know what I would do without any of them.


Mim said...

Wow, awesome dyeing!!! Isn't it fun. I would be happy to see you if you come threw this way. Soap and wands will be forsale. All your anmals look so content and happy!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Sorry to hear about the foot trouble; I've heard from friends who have it that it is extremely painful. Both friends have also found a brand of shoe that works for them, keeping their feet pain-free as long as they wear "their" brand. One friend went so far as to get rid of ALL her other shoes. Both brands used are expensive, but worth the relief to their owners. By the way, flip-flops are supposed to be one of the very worst footwear options for those with plantar fasciitis.

Beautiful yarn! I miss my lovebird; have been tempted by ads for parakeets and cockatiels.

Sharon said...

We seem to be on same color karma this week, only I think you came up with much better results. Your kitty looks like my Charlie, but with catchers mitts for feet - mercy!

I agree with Michelle - you need to pay attention to that condition. My friends who experienced it said just what her friends said. Good shoes!!

Kathy said...

This post is just chock-full of everything! Health, cats, yarn, dyeing...what more could a reader ask for? :)

And I love the poly dactyl cat and the "stray" from AZ. I just wish you had let me know you were coming this way, Becky. I would have loved to meet up with you somewhere, although I understand about it not being a pleasure trip.

I agree with what Michelle said as well - the one item I don't skimp on is shoes. They have to fit right away, or they're not the right shoe for you, no matter what the cost. After my foot surgery back in '01, I got into clogs again - good ones with plenty of support and toe room. They have been a godsend and worth every penny of the $100 they cost. I still have them and they wear like iron.