Monday, August 24, 2009

Procrastination at its Finest

About six or so years ago, I got hooked on Ebay. I bought a bunch of stuff, including this Greatland three room pole tent. I was very excited about it, so as soon as I got it, Tad and I put it up.... but something happened. To be honest, I dont now know what it was, but we thought we were missing a piece of a leg.
Today I asked Kevin to drag it out of the garage so we could put it together and see where the missing piece went so we could possibly find another to replace it.
Guess what? guesses? Are you sure? Cause this is an easy one (especially if you've already looked at the picture...) Yep! You got it! No missing pieces.
This very nice, very large, and actually easily set up tent has laid about in my garage for about 6 years waiting for me to get off the stick that I didn't even need to be on.

We haven't actually been camping in three and a half years anyway, not since we lost Tad, but I have been feeling a hankering lately to go camping, fishing, sitting and spinning, doing nothing... not much time left in the year for it but I plan on giving it one more try before its just too cold at night. Maybe take it up to the Sheep Creek Reservoir, I hear there are some really nice bass there.
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Jody said...

You really are an outdoorswoman Becky! Have fun. I can't imagine you have much of a winter where you live.

Mim said...

Awesome it looks bigger than my house but I have a futon!

Laura said...

That sounds great! I haven't been camping in a long, long time, and probably won't this year, unless you call camping out while at the Shaniko wool gathering "camping."

I'll be tenting at Sharon and Ian's with my truck tent (I need to make sure I have all the pieces for that!!).

Hanging out in Ma nature sounds blissful, and very healing at this time of year.

Go for it!!!

Michelle said...

All's well that ends well - hope it ends in a wonderful little get-away for you all!

Sharon said...

And when you camp with that tent, Tad will be with you - a bonus.

I picked Friday for the fair so I can finally see you!!

Kara said...


Let me know if you can view my blog, I might have to add your email address, but since you are a blog author I might not need to.

June said...

How cool!! I just got caught up reading all of your posts. . . it sounds like a good thing to go off and do nothin but sit and spin!

Oh, well, I guess you can fish too, if that's on the agenda!