Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wonderful Wool... and a silly cat.

I sent two pounds of mohair and about three pounds of Babs' wool to Morro Fleece Works where Sherri does her magic, and within three weeks I had this beautiful wool back! Just so happens, I caught her just at the end of whites and she was able to get this in and out in near record time! It is a bit nubby, something I always expect with kid mohair, don't ask me why, it just always seems to happen. But its nothing I cant work with. It is for sale, $2.50/ounce or $38/lb.
I cant wait to dye some of this, mohair keeps such a beautiful sheen to it.
And here is my first skein of it, there will be skeins for sale also, between 250 and 300 yards a 2 ply skein @ $3.50/ounce.

And just to be sure you are entertained. Introducing Sansa! The Furry Wrecking Ball! Her fame spreads far and wide (its a pretty big house) and her rampages are known to all (we have a lot of animals)! Neither dogs, nor cats, nor spray bottles shall keep her from her appointed terrors of the Pennington household! Beware Skinny Cat, Chilly the Chinchilla, Tweet and Twit the cockatiels! Not to mention all the unsuspecting tootsies and fingers dangling here and there.

"Peek-a-boo! Gimme that finger!!!"
"ITS MINE ITS MINE ITS MINE!!! You cant have it!"
"Hey! Come'er with that thing! What is that? Common, lemme touch it"


Jody said...

You can't go wrong with kid mohair's beautiful!
I wish I could have more pets but we don't have a very big house :(

Fiber Floozie said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. Both the wool and the cat :-)

Mim said...

Great, great, great love your cat. My computer crashed last week I'm just back. Horrible not being able to communicate over the internet.

Sharon said...

Sherri is a magician. I need to get fleeces skirted and shipped to clean up my mess here. Love that kitty. Your clan is very accepting - mine would not be so nice.