Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weigh Ins

We caught a few lambs yesterday for a weigh in, it was a rodeo! There are no dividers in the pen right now so we really don't have anywhere to corner them. This is a pitiful pic of our piebald lamb, he was the second to be weighed and I had forgotten my camera (of course, I always do!). The absurdity of this situation, from his point of view I'm sure, was worth recording for his posterity. So Jari took my phone and took this shot. He is not a very optimistic lamb. He was absolutely sure we were going to cut his throat right then and there and had given up the struggle. He weighed in at 95 lbs (at not quite 5 months old, thats a big lamb!) and when Kevin lifted him off the scale and put his feet back on the ground he just crumpled. He laid there until Kevin nudged him in the butt with his foot.
The first lamb we caught weighed 100lbs! I am really surprised at how big these guys have grown! We usually don't harvest until the end of August, but of the 4 we weighed yesterday, two are ready to go now and two more in a couple weeks.
This year is going by way too fast, before I know it I will be standing in a hospital looking down at my daughter and her new child; it will be cold and snowy and blowing, but there will be Christmas lights and cheer everywhere.


Bethany said...

Enjoyed your blog. He looks so sad. :-) Enjoyed your other sheep pictures as well.

Kara said...

Wow that is a big boy! Love your colors in the last post. I have to do some more with dyes. Do have favorite dye brands that you use?

Sharon said...

I am stunned at the crispness of Jari's phone picture. I'm not sure I can stay apace of technology.

Does Jari have plans??

Claire said...

Wow, I love your scale setup. Where did you get that? We tried to weigh our lambs a few weeks ago with Kelly standing on our bathroom scale trying to hold struggling sheep and me trying to read the dial. It was essentially useless and entirely frustrating. We need a setup like yours!