Monday, October 5, 2009

I've been thinking...

I know, dangerous... but it happens.

I've been spinning for about five and a half years now (yes the half counts), people are always asking me what I make. My answer? Yarn. I just love to make yarn. Occasionally one of my yarns grabs me with an idea, says it will look great as this or that and although I've been crocheting off and on most of my life, its not something I spend a great deal of time doing. I'd simply rather be spinning.
I have also been selling my yarns for about two years, never really making any money off them because I just wasn't sure the quality was high enough to ask for that much money. I have to say, so many of you that read my blog have had high praise for my yarns and make me feel so good about what I do... thank you.
So, I've decided to open an Etsy shop. I have talked to several women that sell their yarns online and although I'm still a bit confused as to how they price their yarns (I seldom sit and spin through a full bobbin without breaks, to cook, clean, stretch, etc.) I think I have a good system that will possibly show a profit if my current 'customers' will be willing to stick with me through a price increase.
Not sure yet exactly when this store will open, I need to catalog, measure and take pictures. Then get all of it online. Hoping it sells faster than I can spin lol well, wishful thinking never hurt anyone :)

Here is a sneak peek of some of the yarn that will be posted first...
The bands around the middle skeins and the pair on the right are from the sellers of the top I spun the yarn from; I did that so I could keep track of the price I paid. The first two are 80% merino, 20% silk, the last is 80% dark grey alpaca and 20% silk over dyed with yellow and it is a beautiful hunter green! I did buy some of this undyed. I love the heathered affect the over dying has.

This is that corrie/coop fleece I talked about in the last post... oh it is so luscious! I will also occasionally offer raw fleece, washed, and processed wool for spinning.
I will post again about it as soon as I get closer to my goal. Thanks again for all your support!


Mim said...

Never be concerned about the quality of your yarn it's fabulous! Ask any judge at the fair and all your fiber fans. Me included.

Laura said...

I'm jealous - my corrie/coop doesn't look that good... Of course, I can't card it!! I may have to send it to the professionals... Dang, I wanted to play with it.

Sharon said...

Good luck! I hope you have great success.

Dori Ann said...

HA, must have heard you thinking :)) Congrats on the opening of your store, you will have a ball. Looks like you have been a very busy lady. Love the pictures of Oregon, it's where I raised my family. I really love it there, although it has changed in all the years we have been gone. My step mom still lives in Newport, my best friend in Medford. It's been forever since I have caught up on the blogs I follow or have posted to my blog. It was and is a joy to read yours, it going to take a while to catch up!
Dori Ann