Friday, October 2, 2009

Oregon Flock and Fiber: The Take

Saturday September 26, the tenth anniversary of my 36th birthday, was the first day of the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. Laura and I were only going to go on Sunday, since Canby is almost two hours from her house, but she ended up having to attend a meeting of a Romeldale registry that evening. I didn't mind :)
A few pictures of booths and sheep....

As far as I was concerned, this guy was the prettiest ram on the property! He was a sweet heart too, although that isn't exactly a redeeming quality in a ram, it was easy to like him. He belongs to Kristy (sp?) can't remember the name of her farm but he is a Romeldale, the next picture is his fleece and he is a lamb! I have dibs! (please send Kristy's contact info to me Laura LOL)

These three colored sheep belong to Brin, the daughter of Corrie, a friend of Laura's... what breed again? I was thinking Cormo, but that doesn't sound right... BFL?
The real fun though was Sunday; a parking lot sale of fleeces! Glorious FLEECES! lol Oh I had so much fun pawing and petting! There was a lot of alpaca! But there were plenty beautiful wool fleeces too! Certain fleeces caught my eye right away, a Corrie Coop cross, which Laura and I ended up splitting, a washed Romney, which someone else ended up buying half of, and a colored coopworth. The Corrie Coop is extraordinary! It is so clean and fluffy, to run it through my carder all I have to do is finger tease the locks open and feed it in! So gorgeous!
I also bought a Gotland fleece, and Laura donated two romeldale fleeces to my stash, a white and a dark moorit or brown (which I just finished washing yesterday and which will be taking a trip to Morro Fleece Works)
On top of all those glorious fleeces, I bought these uniquely beautiful top twists.
My favorite so far is the brown/blue/white merino/silk blend at the top middle. Pictures of it tomorrow probably. The white blob is bamboo, the dark blob at the bottom right is alpaca/silk (which I am going to over dye), the green at the bottom left is also alpaca/silk and is gorgeous and will be a scarf. For me. The purple is superwash merino with 20% silk, the blue is the same, actually came from the same booth as the purple. And last but not least, a new bobbin for my Joy so I can spin three plies without using a generic bobbin! Yay! And yes, I have a 'thing' for silk blends. It could be worse.
And another shot of the delectable Corrie/Coopworth... ummmm, num-yummy!

After many oohs and ahhhs, many 'Damn! I cant afford that!'s and tired and achy feet, the Festival came to a close. But the day wasn't over! I had brought lamb chops with me, and a big bag of herbs that Jo so generously donated to my culinary endeavors. I knew the herbs wouldn't be any good when I got back so I took them with me and oh! am I glad I did! While I started a batch of new potatoes, Laura went to work on the seasoning. She took some olive oil and that bag of seasonings (basil, rosemary, lemon ...Jo was it lemon thyme or basil?...) and blended it all together in a blender, then smothered the lamb chops with it! It was absolutely the perfect encore to a wonderful day! We pigged out! Me mostly, I had 4 chops while my towering son only had 3 lol So nummy!

And so the ride home. What a wonderful weekend!


Jody said...

Wow, you lucky duck! I am sooo jealous of all those superb fleeces! Your son was there to enjoy it with you too...doesn't get any better than that!!

Laura said...

Brin's sheep were border leicesters. They look like velvet when they're shorn! I'll send you Kris' email. I tried to card the coop/corrie, but the drive band to the carder broke... So I flicked it and spun some - gorgeous. I may try combing it next.

I'm so glad you came - we'll have to make the Fall Festival at Finney Creek Farm an annual event!