Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Unpleasent Surprise

I didn't want my next post to be negative, the last one has enough negative in it to last me till next winter. But it seems I don't have much choice, either I don't post or I tell you all what happened.

I've been trying to get myself back to spinning, so I've been sitting in front of my wheel at least a few minutes every day. I bought some green merino to kind of get me kick started and had been working on that. I finished a bobbin full one evening, and decided I would leave it on the bobbin and spin the other bump, then ply from the kate on my wheel.

That night, my husband (he's been on graveyard) comes to bed quite late. As he climbs into bed, he says "I'm sorry, I think I broke your spinning wheel." I had been brought half awake when he opened the bedroom door, but sat bolt upright at this muttered line. "WHAT?" came my startled cry! "Sorry, I went to turn off the light and stepped back and lost my balance. I stepped on the foot thingy and I think it broke."
OMG!!! I was too tired to get up and go look at that point (not to mention terrified to), but I had spinning dreams all night.

See anything wrong?
How bout now?
It's called a conrod. Its a thick plastic rod (same material as the drive band) and is attached to the treadle and to the drive arm (is that the right word?) with screws. The conrod broke where the screw goes through it in the drive arm. So my wheel is sick :*(
I've ordered two of them, all I have to do is figure out how to get the broken piece out of the drive arm. I think it will be easy to fix after that.

I guess it isn't all bad. My foot itches horribly to treadle my Joy (of course, now that I can't), so I started to dig through my bag of goodies and decided to try another pair of socks for Baby Joy (ironic?) since the ones I started before were supposed to be for a preemie, and she is past that now. Maybe I will get these done before she grows out of them :)
Next step, the short heel!


Sharon said...

Oh man, it could have been so much worse. That's a reasonable fix. What a horrible event though. I too am a one-wheel woman. You however, know how to use spindles, and very well at that, I might add

My word is "deari" as in Oh Deari!

Mim said...

Looks to be an easy fix thank goodness! I'm knitting my first pair of socks on a "magic loop" needle was told wooden needles break and did it anyway. Now I'm going to order some more and they will be metal! Project on hold!

Laura said...

Ok, deep breath... There's a little screw on the side of the footman. Take it out, and the rod will come out too. Cut off the broken piece, or better yet, rotate it 90 degrees (have to take the screw out of the pedal too) and put it back. That will be enough to get you back in action until the new ones come. And then, you know how to do it!!

The merino looks lovely as always!

Jody said...

Sorry about your wheel but socks are fun to knit too :)