Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good News!

We found Sansa! Well, not exactly 'found' her because the day after I last posted, she wandered into the living room. We looked at her, and I (totally expecting her to answer me) said "Where have you been??" Well she didn't answer me, not in the literal sense, but after she took a mouthful or two of food, a couple laps of water, she went straight back into the computer room and hid under the 'red chair' (it's ancient). The one place on this entire 5 acres of property we didn't look to find her.
I pulled her out and loved on her for a few minutes, then took her into Jari's room. I noticed that her fur was a bit oily looking like she hadn't been taking care of herself. She went straight to the window sill where I noticed something very odd; her right eye wasn't dilating. I looked like an upside down tear drop where the other pupil was almost none existent in the bright sunshine. The first thing that came to mind is that she got kicked or hit with something. Knowing how much she is loved in this house (and how long its taken me to get my husband to respect my cats) I knew no one here would have intentionally hurt her, but there ya go. Something happened. She was dehydrated, and had to be hungry. She refused to come out and when I put canned food in front of her she just didn't get as excited and a cat should with a plate full of canned food! I decided to take her to the vet and after a 45 min drive and 25 bucks, the vet agreed with me. She had no sign of any injury, no temp, but when he pulled back that right eyelid, where it should have been white, it was blood-red.
Not much we can do for her. When we got her home I forced some water, then did it again later. Now she's eating (if not with gusto) and must be drinking water because she isn't dehydrated now. Her fur is even looking better.

Thanks for all the well wishes!


Laura said...

Sounds like she went walk-about, and it didn't go as she had planned... Glad she's back in the fold being cared for!

Jody said...

Happy to hear your kitty is back Becky!I hope she will be ok.

Sharon said...

I'm sure glad to see that she's back home, inside the house. Sounds like she still has a ways to go. I hope she forgets the trauma and gets back to herself soon.

Mim said...

Cats can get into some of the strangest predicaments if only they could talk. OH, yes Joy is darling not just cuz your her grandma she really is a looker!