Sunday, March 7, 2010

OMGosh! Two, in one day???

There are just some things that can't wait. Such as this;
This is Rosie. She is out of Honey, my favorite (and oldest) Tunis ewe. She is a twin, her sister went to live with my friend Sam in Moab. One reason I kept her was her face; she has such a sweet face, with the not-quite feminine nose of her mother, though her ears are her sire's, a bit shorter than I like, but within limits. She has a nice top line, even if you can't tell it by this picture. Rosie has been in a coat since she was about 6 months old, it was big on her then, but was small on her when, today, I got round to taking it off. It bunched her wool up in weird ways.
Her wool is pretty nice, but not real consistent from neck to tail; this is about mid back...
This is about at her shoulders... hmmm I think I know where I'm starting :)


Jody said...

That looks like gorgeous wool!

gobills said...

Ohmygosh!! Wow, it is so pretty! I came to see your sock yarn. . . it sounded lovely!!