Friday, April 9, 2010

And the Final Tally is...!

These two were born last night; the pie-bald is a ewe, the other a ram. Notice the wrinkles? They were born to Gracie (we are going to rename her, we already have a Grace, we call her Belle all the time anyway). Gracie came from Mendenhal's The Wool Ranch last year, this is the first time she's lambed for me. I'm not entirely sure what breed she is, other than a Romeldale cross (a Romney and Rambouillette cross). So, these two are CVM/tunis and whatever else Gracie is. I love his wrinkles, means he'll have lots of wool!
These are Honey's babies; the girl is the one with the white top knot. She always has such beautiful lambs! And such a great mom.
This is one of Eliza's three, all her lambs are long bodied and leggy.
Not sure who these belong to (its getting confusing out there, we are going to do tags and tails this weekend). If you click to biggify this you'll get a surprise!
The whole gang! Well, ten of them anyway. The big pi-bald in the middle there is my favorite out of Eliza's trips, I'm thinking of keeping him as a terminal ram.
Joy in her Easter dress, she is so precious!
lol Jari like this one and said I should share it :)
This is what I see almost every day in the chicken coop lately. They all tend to lay in the same place, although there are three of these impromptu nests as well as nesting boxes, if one lays in this nest, all the rest of them will too. I am sure someone is laying about 3 eggs in 2 days, I've only got 8 hens and there are nine eggs here.

I don't know who came up with this name first and I don't suppose it matters, Michelle of Boulderneigh has a hen named Luciel, and here is my Luciel :)
Guess its just a name that fits a chicken. She has no fear of me, in fact sometimes will walk on my feet if I'm in her way. She is the one that lays the blue eggs. She runs out to me when they are out and about, and walks next to me all the way back to the coop where she knows I'm going to feed her.


Mim said...

Your lambs are just beautiful! The big boy you want to keep is outrageous. Joy is pretty cute too. She looks like such a happy girl.

Michelle said...

So how many purebred Tunis lambs do you have this year? My Lucille isn't friendly, but it seems the other hens have finally accepted her and she is no longer hen-pecked. Lucy, the other Red Star we got from the neighbors, is still a bit hen-pecked, and friendlier.

Sharon said...

All your babies are cute :)

Jody said...

Alot of pretty coloured lambs...they look so big!
Your grandaughter is adorable Becky :)