Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Catching Up (photo heavy)

Last Tuesday week, Derek and I decided we wanted to go fishing. We headed out early in the morning with the intention of going to a place called Wilson Reservoir, about three hours north of here. We were about an hour from home when we got the flat.
Derek and I got out, started hunting for the tools we needed to change the tire, knowing that this was the end of our trip, we wouldn't go anywhere but back to town without a spare. We hunted and hunted.
And hunted.
You wouldn't think it would take that long, or that there are that many hiding places in a king cab truck. We finally accepted the fact that we had no way to pull the spare down from under the bed, the bag that contains the bars needed was nowhere to be found, and also that we had no cell service. Derek started walking back towards town and the alfalfa ranches that dot the valley hoping to find cell service so he could text or call someone for help. He was also hoping to get a hold of Kevin, thinking that Kevin was the reason we didn't have the bag of tools, had Derek reached him, he would have had some apologizing to do later.
About twenty minutes later I decided to look again. The seats in the back fold down for cargo space and there are these flaps (for lack of a better word) that go over the bottom of the back of the seat to make a flat surface. We had lifted those flaps... but had forgotten about the 'other' flaps. What I call the 'super secret hiding spot'. We've had this truck for 5 years, and this is only the second time we've had a flat in it. It is also the second time that we both forgot about the 'super secret hiding spot'. Low and behold! There were the bars that, when put together are used to lower the spare tire. I honked on the horn, hoping he was still in range but I couldn't know for sure. I started changing the tire. Thankfully, a very helpful Mexican cowhand happened to drive out that way and gave me a hand. In about 15 minutes we were done and I was headed back the way Derek had started walking. I caught up with him about three miles down the road, picked him up and we laughed about the 'super secret hiding spot', then decided that our day was still fairly new and we could still go fishing.
We decided though, to go through Elko, no matter where we went ultimately, so we could go to Les Schwabb and get the spare fixed. Derek called a friend, told him of our misadventure, then we all decided it would be fun to go to South Fork.
South Fork is just a few minutes out of Spring Creek, about a half hour south and west of Elko. I was surprised! I had never been there and it's so close! We had a great day, wetting line and watching skiers, then muttering and frowning at them as they seemed to think it was funny when they came so close to the bank that we could almost hit them with a water bobber... seriously, Derek threatened to after about the tenth time. We moved to the other side of the lake.
I was pretty floored when we saw these...
We fished all day. Didn't catch a thing. It was a good day though, we talked and laughed and got irritated at selfish skiers. Had a few beers and drowned a few worms. Oh, and cant forget the sunburn :)
When I was still in Oregon, Jari called to tell me that she'd 'found' a kitten on our porch. Since I, when young, was a professional at the "It followed me home Mom! Really!" line, I was pretty sure she'd found it on the porch after she'd put it out to go potty. Its origin, I later found out was from a litter belonging to someone who had the sad story of "Its the last one, and I can't seem to find a home for it!". So we have for the moment another kitten. When my friend, who just lost her very old cat, comes home from Washington I'm going to take him to her. If she absolutely wont take him, Jari will sit in front of the grocery store until she finds him a home. He's so very cute, but I want my house back and have told her and everyone else, I wont be replacing any cats. As much as I love them, its nigh on impossible to make them respect your space.

These are the family members that came from Sac for the 4th... Chris, Kim (twins), Gina, Michael, and Mat.
And a few pics of Joy!

When I came home from BSG, my poor rooster was on deaths door. I still don't know why, but he was gone soon after. That left me with 7 hens. A few days ago, I went out to feed and couldn't find any of my chickens! I eventually found three and came to the conclusion that there were some well fed coyotes sleeping it off in a nearby den. So, I ordered some chicks from, a really neat chick sales site that is very much aimed at, well, pet chickens!
They got here this morning, all fuzzy and peeping. They've settled in well and so far all of them seem to have traveled well. They're in a galvanized water tank in my living room for a week, then they will move onto the front porch for a week or two, then to a rabbit hutch in the chicken coop for another couple of weeks to climatize and let the remaining hens get use to them. I wont be keeping all of them, the only reason I got so many is because it was the cheapest way to get any, as the only other way was to pay $34.75 in shipping charges, on top of $44 for the chicks them selves, this only cost $47. Five will go to Mim and another 8 or 10 will be sold locally. They are various breeds, wont know anything until the get bigger, but they should be breeds like Buff Orphington, Easter Egger, Wyandote, reds and Australorp.
I have been working on getting this done since Joy was born, and voila! Finally finished. It was a toss up as to whether it would get done or not for a couple weeks, had some technical trouble (I ran out of a specially dyed yarn and had to go 'backwards' from the foundation row) and sought professional help (the owner of a yarn shop in Elko that goes by the name of "CrochetQueen" and she is!).
This is something I picked up at BSG, very very pretty black merino blended with silk with spots of purple and violet in it. I decided to leave it as a single because the colors are so subtle, I was afraid they would get lost in a ply.

I (looking ashamed now) bought this recently (ashamed because I really shouldn't have...) but its so pretty! As I have typed this, I have a washed lock of this bond x corriedale silvery white fleece sitting on the lap top table, keeping me company. Its so very soft and such crimp!
A special treat for us in Battle Mountain today, a veggie/fruit stand! One of the many wonderful things about summer :)


Mim said...

Never a dull moment! The chicks look great I'd love some Wyandote's.

Sharon said...

Enjoyed your post. Great fishing story :)