Saturday, July 17, 2010


As most of the followers of this blog know, about a year and a half ago, we lost our very special chahuahua, Tug, to coyotes or dogs. We have often thought of getting another small dog, but I have been afraid that if we were to get another puppy too soon, we would constantly compare the new one to Tug, and it would be no contest; he was the perfect dog for our family and our way of life.
Time heals all wounds they say, well I have to agree that it at least heals most of them, makes others easier to bear. So when I heard that two rat terriers belonging to a friend of mine both whelped at the same time and collectively bore 10 puppies, I decided it was time to take that step. I asked Derek if he was ready to look at puppies too, and he said sure. My friend also has two males, a miniature pincer, and a poodle. The min-pin wasn't supposed to be fertile, so she separated the girls from the poodle, but didn't bother to separate them from the min-pin... yeah.
Meet Mitzy :)
All of the puppies were slick haired except for this one. We've decided that the poodle didn't get entirely left out. New designer dog? Ratoodle?
And of course, new pics of Joy!
She's getting so big and learning so fast!
I washed this fleece and started working it yesterday, it is the Romney I picked up in Oregon at BSG. So nice!


Jody said...

Boy you sure do have some great fleeces come your way Becky!
Your little grandaughter is absolutely adorable :-)

Mim said...

Joy is always a joy to see and I love your new puppy!

Laura said...

Some rat terrorists have wirey hair - maybe she got it from her mom? She is just so cute! And Joy is getting so BIG! I guess that happens when you feed 'em...

Fiber Floozie said...

The new dog is so cute and the fleece is wonderful and your granddaughter is beautiful.

Sharon said...

I love every one of your pictures, but I never get enough of Joy. Hint.

GeauxTigers said...

Just wanted you to know I have a Ratoodle here in Louisiana and He's perfect. My mom's rat terrier accidentally hooked up with my sisters full blood poodle. 10 pounds, wavy hair, doesn't shed, only needs a haircut twice a year, and SOOOO cute! I also thought of calling him a ratapoo, but decided on Rosco the Ratoodle instead.