Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Fiber Over Load, 2010

Sorry its taking me so long to do this. I've been having a bad week, thinking of Tad, sometimes the hurts come back a little stronger than normal and depression is close. Post BSG blues? Don't know, but here is more on BSG :)

Where were we? Oh, the Sea Lion Caves! Not much to say here so moving on to the pictures! Click for big!

Sea side of the Sea Lion Caves building in the last post.
Mim giving us a comparison in size... the plaque said these were life sized...! wow
Inside the Sea Cave.
King of the Rock!
See the Light House in the distance?
This was below the deck we were standing on for the last picture.. does that look like a cannon ball to you?

Next post: Sheep!


Sharon said...

Great pictures - I wish we would have made the effort to get to the ocean. I grew up with it and I always miss it. Thinking of you in this hard memory time~

Jody said...

I can almost hear the roar of the waves against the rocks!
It's ok to have those "black clouds" as DH puts it. I think anybody would given those circumstances Becky.

Mim said...

Thanks for all the beautiful pictures!!! Wish I would have brought my camera. Your always in my thoughts and prayers. Your a great lady and friend!