Friday, June 25, 2010

Fiber Over Load, 2010

The last (also the first) time I went to BSG, I thought I was in heaven! I'd never been around sooo many like minded people! When I walked into the building on Friday morning, I was instantly euphoric! So much fiber! By Sunday, I was saturated with fiber, and I was actually ready to come home. Yeah, I know, weird right?
The time between Friday morning and Sunday evening was spent with new friends and old friends, spinning, gawking, buying and admiring all kinds of fiber and breeds of sheep. Mim and I even got to help a shepherd show her romeldales on Saturday morning! That was a treat! I haven't shown sheep in what... well long enough that I really had to think about what I was doing :) Too much fun!
I finally got to meet Michelle and her wonderful sheep! And Lois and her sheep attended, as well as Corrie and Kristy, and many many others!
Laura (from Walton, west of Eugene), Heidi, Toni, Robin, Linda, Sharon, Ian, Ilene, ...did I forget anyone? oh and Linda's significant other, from the Reno area were there as well. We all went out to dinner on Friday night to a neat little Mexican food joint in Eugene, we kinda filled the place up.
Ok, so back to the first day.
Mim and I got there on Wednesday evening, just so we would have plenty of time to make a trip to Florence on the coast. Laura had given us our hats (mine is going to cost me Babs' fleece this year, but its worth it :) and we got to wear them to the beach! Which was great, because although the wind wasn't too strong, it definitely had a bite to it.
The white wool in this hat is Babs!
I had a great time, and was delighted to show new things to Mim who hasn't spent a lot of time wandering beaches. We saw sand dollars, starfish, lots of shells, a few jelly fish, and a couple of beach houses that were to die for!
Kevin and I had gone to this beach when we were there last year for OFFF, it is covered in driftwood. I want this one...
Kev and I were in the car, so I couldn't take it home then, and Mim refused to take her topper off her truck so we could put it in the back... there wouldn't have been any room left for her two little ewe lambs, so I guess it was for the best. Sigh.
After wearing our tennies out on the beach, we went to the Sea Lion Cave, the largest Sea Cave in the country they tell us! I don't doubt it, it is rather large and holds an amazing amount of sea lions. Kevin and I went here too, on our trip, but it was no less fascinating to me the second time around.

More later! Have an eye doctor appointment in Elko today, and today is mine and Derek's 20th wedding anniversary! Going to have a steak sandwich at the Star I think... or lobster, whichever ;-)


Mim said...

Great I didn't get pictures of the ocean so now I can send others to your blog to see the rest of our trip.
It was the best vacation for me in a long time!

Jody said...

Happy Anniversary Becky...I would go for the lobster. That's what I had on my Anniversary.

Sharon said...

It was a wonderful trip. We love Florence too and have decided that next time we'll just camp there and drive over. It's cheaper than a motel and I need to down time.

Happy Anniversary - 20 years. That's big stuff!

Michelle said...

After missing you at OFFF last year it was great to connect with you this year! Wish I could have seen those hats in person, though. :-)

Purple Fuzzy mittens said...

Happy Anniversary!! Maybe next year I can join the crowd at BSG!