Friday, July 30, 2010

Swatch #2... and other UFO's

This is the second swatch in my lace lessons, I'm about a third the way through. I was talking to Mim earlier who reminded me that it had been her that suggested the marker string. I was telling her it was kind of funny, I was using the marker string, but I went on a few rows without moving the string (I get cocky that way, or lazy, or something), counted out my stitches and realized I had one extra.
I had time to regret not moving my marker string up to the last row, when I noticed one of the holes about 4 rows back was in the wrong place. And the marker string was right below it! HA! HahaHA!
One of those instances where you can mock your cockiness, or laziness, or whatever.

I have been wracking my brain, trying to decide what to enter in the state fair this year. I don't think I can beat what I put in last year; a three ply merino lace yarn that got reserve. I spun up some BFL and cabled it, I'm not horribly impressed with it, can't imagine a judge that would be... I thought about entering my seed stitch scarf ('member, the green one?), but that was just a practice piece, something to teach me what the stitches looked like in relation to each other...
So I started this. It is actually supposed to be done in garter stitch, and with a smaller needle, but I didn't like the tightness of the material, no drape whatsoever. So I decided to do a seed stitch with a bigger needle. I think I should have made it narrower too... the finished scarf will be about 42" long, with a gathered middle, I think the pattern is after a mariner's scarf.
Here's whats on the wheel! A very pretty dyed BFL, we'll see how this one turns out... fair material?


Kara said...

Loved the dyed roving on your wheel. Did you dye it or it from Mim?

Sharon said...

I am right exactly in your boat. I need to drop everything and knit or I won't a have anything to enter this year. I am in panic mode and realize that I don't even know the link to enter my fantasy finished projects on. Yipes!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I didn't dye it, wish I had the talent for that kind of color mixing! I bought it at BSG, from the Capistrano Fiber booth. I have actually just finished plying the second bobbin full and will post pics tomorrow :)

Jody said...

I promise you Becky that the lace knitting will get easier as you do it:-)
I cannot believe with all those amazingly beautiful fleeces that you own in your stash that you couldn't come up with a prizewinning skein of handspun to enter!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I have a couple in mind, just none that will beat last years lol I do have another three ply that I spun this year... :)