Thursday, August 5, 2010

New (to me) Toy

Meant to get this up a couple days ago, but such is life, always behind :)

Here is my second swatch, all done and stretching out to dry. It is in Joy's toy box now, along with the first one, she likes them.

After the local paper ran a story about me and my desire to start a group of fiber enthusiasts here in town (I have a lot of great fiber friends, but they all live at least an hour away), a Baptist pastor called me saying he had a few wheels to sell and wondered if I'd help. His mother had recently passed and had been a collector. There is still an Ashford Traditional for sale if anyone is interested...
Among the treasures he showed me was an Inkle loom and this Kromski. I thought maybe I would see if I wanted a wheel, but after working with them a bit, I decided the only wheel I need is my Joy... but a small loom was another matter! He asked me to finish off the warp that is on this one and give it back to him as it was something his mother started.

Mitzy loves Joy's lamb hand puppet :)
Pictures of Joy in next post!


Michelle said...

Very cool!!!

Mim said...

Great work Becky!

June said...

Oooh, your moving into weaving! And that lace looks so good! Let me know when you are looking for a 4H Table Loom! I've got one to sell! :)