Thursday, August 19, 2010

I love babies!

These are the last two Tunis lambs I have for the year, brother and sister, out of my favorite Tunis ewe ever, Honey. This is the first time she has thrown a lamb that looks so much like her. Aubrey was very close, but I think this guy has her beat. He even has the 'old style' back line, with Honey's length. He has retained his red coat so far while his sister has faded out.
They will be going to Moab to Mary Ann Cunningham, a very good friend and fellow red-head raiser.
I haven't named them because I knew I wouldn't be keeping them.

The ewe lamb has her fathers back line, long and straight.
To those who have not shown lambs in a formal setting, or not learned terminology that we learned showing in 4-H, the space between the vent and where the legs meet in the middle is called the depth of twist. The deeper the twist, the more meat you get in the leg roast; its as important to me as the length of the loin.
I have seen several lambs over the years who have this nice depth, but haven't yet seen it in both twins. In my flock, it is usually just one if it shows up. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to take these pictures and looked closely, that both these lambs have a very nice depth of twist and will make excellent breeding animals in my opinion.
They both have good coloring, but the ram is a bit darker. I think about the only thing I would change about them is the length of their ears, which is the only thing I've ever wanted to change about Honey.

And of course, the baby of the hour (well, pretty much ever hour), the joy of our house and of our hearts.
She has managed of course. to wrap us all up around her pretty little fingers and its hard to imagine a day without her.
And for those of you who ask why there are never pics of ME in my blog, here ya go. In my Black Sheep News Letter tee from Black Sheep Gathering, and look! You can see my tat! :)
Joy is becoming quite the personality, has started this fake temper tantrum thing when she thinks we aren't doing what we should be...
We look at her and can't help but laugh and then she does something like this... This was taken seconds after the last one.

...So I have a cat. He has adopted me, while I am now (still) reluctantly letting him.
Mitzy loves Joy's toys, thinks they should be hers and we have to watch her or she will have all of the small, puppy-portable toys out in the breakfast room under the dining table. Mitzy was deep black when we got her, and is now turning gray. I thought she was just dirty!
Shes laying on a lamb puppet I bought for Joy at BSG.... Another lamb lover :)


Jody said...

I remember how entertaining babies can be! Your pictures caught the moment beautifully.
What a sweet little kitty. I wish I could get a third cat but I know my older Siamese wouldn't tolerate it.

Mim said...

Wonderful lambs. Looking forward to the fair, see you soon!

Sharon said...

Love seeing Joy, as always. She's just getting cuter. See you soon!