Thursday, September 2, 2010

State Fair

Yep! It was better, it was louder and, I have no doubt, it will be even better next year!

This was the scene in the arena, the back half was set up like a frontier village, complete with a napper, a blacksmith and a general store. The front half was to be used for many things, such as hunter jumper displays of the mounties and cavalry, and the Wild West show!

The Hoop dance was a special treat, I have heard of this but never seen it, it is really pretty impressive.
The chuck wagon races! These guys went around this arena at break neck speed! One of the chuck wagons lost its back wheels, Mim and I couldn't decide if it was part of the show or not, but it was certainly entertaining!

This is a multi-talented cowboy! He may be the leader of the show, as he played so many parts. He also did some trick riding, very impressive!
Doesn't this little car look like it should be in the movie "Cars" or something like it!? I couldn't resist taking a picture, if the owner sees it I hope they don't mind. Its just so darn cute! I don't know if you can tell, but the frame is bent, the bumper is crooked and the sun visors look like eyebrows! I don't know that I would have it fixed if it was mine; so much personality!
Here is my main winner this year. A skein of alpaca/silk blend spun in a gossamer to lace weight two ply took reserve grand of show, a skarf made by a beginning knitter won grand and I was glad to come in second to him, it was beautiful!
This was one of the highlights of the weekend; the Dutch Oven Cook Off! They sold tickets to about 40 people per night, at $5 per person, you could be a judge! There were 4 teams, each making at minimum, a main dish, a side, and desert. As a judge, you went through from team to team tasting some of each dish and grading it on creativity, presentation, and taste. By the time I got to the last team, I was reeling! Such wonderful tastes and aromas, I actually went back to two of them and got just a small second portion because it tasted so wonderful! Thursday night the main dish was pork, we missed that one, but on Friday, the main dish was to be lamb. We made sure we didn't miss that one :) I got some good ideas on ways to cook lamb and am going to make a similar dish tonight to one I tasted there. Although, it wont be near as good as I will have to use a frying pan instead of a dutch oven.

More later!


Sharon said...

I'm a fan, not a critic, but I think it was the most awesome fair to date. Mim heard that six more teams want to joint to cast-iron cook off, which means we'll need to get our tickets super early next year.

Congratulations on your ribbons! You awesome spinning both scares and inspires me.

junepot said...

Congratulations on your ribbon! I think you should have won, spinning laceweight gossamer is so much harder than knitting!