Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Coupleathings - or "Laura's Fuggly Fiber"

This is my yarn for "Team Sprinters" in the Tour de Fleece. I've always liked this alpaca fiber, its soft and heavy, great hand. I used straight alpaca for two of the singles, one is alpaca and silk. It is 20 wpi, right at 171 yards, and 1.3 ounces.
After I finished the last scarf, I wanted to start another. I have gads of handspun lying around my house... not exactly 'lying' around, they are in my knitting bag and in a very large zip lock in my stash room. I usually take that very large bag with me to spin/knit get togethers and sell whatever is in it, normally anything I have spun. But in the last year or so I've started keeping some back. I guess its because I'm more confident in my knitting and really am enjoying it.
This is the yarn I spun out of Laura's Fuggly Fiber that I bought from her a few months ago and posted about here. The colors are really very pretty, for being the 'red-headed-step-child' of the dye pot :)

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Laura said...

It is lovely, after all!! Your colors are even more homogeneous than the bits in my yarn - I like yours better!!

The scarf looks really cozy...