Sunday, July 10, 2011


I mentioned in an earlier post, I love to cook. I don't however, love to follow recipes. Normally, I decide what I want to cook, look on the internet for ideas, find a good recipe, and proceed to change it, make it mine.

I try to spend at least one night a week with my Mom; eating, watching a movie, playing a game, whatever she wants to do, usually a Sunday, especially if Derek is on nights.
We decided to go to her house tonight instead of having her out, our DVD player is not right, I'm pretty sure we'd get her out here and it wouldn't work, and she would still not have seen the first half of the last Harry Potter movie.
I asked her what she wanted for dinner; I would cook it here and take it there, picking the movie up on the way. "Meatballs" she said. "And what?" I said. "Rice." she said. "That's it?" I said. "Yep." she said. Well that's pretty much the conversation, maybe not verbatim. That was after she had mentioned lamb, I said I have a little lamb burger left, so decided to use it. Then I got to thinking that I had thawed out some beef burger earlier, might as well use that... come to think of it, I had some mild Italian sausage in the fridge too, why not blend them all together? I cut up two thin slices off a medium onion (into small pieces, I don't like big pieces of anything in my food), grabbed my favorite rosemary/thyme/marjoram seasoning and sprinkled it in, followed by a beef bullion cube, and a bit of salt. I opened the fridge for something and saw the shredded parmesan cheese from our spaghetti dinner the other night and threw that in too, oh and an egg to make it less crumbly. Then I called my Mom to find out what she would do with two inch meatballs in an oven. Temp? Time? What will I ever do without her? I went with 350, and testing in 40 minutes (she said thirty, but I still know more than she does... right?)
So, in the oven as I type is a dish of lamb/beef/sausage/parmesan meatballs, with onion powder, a bit of garlic seasoning and pepper sprinkled over them. Mom also said she wants some kind of sauce, maybe mushroom soup gravy. I think I want corn with it too. If it turns out good, I will post pictures, if not, I might delete this post :)

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Laura said...

Sounds awesome, except for the mushroom gravy part (I'm now allergic...). I want to know how it turns out, even if it's not a complete success - you can change it next time to make it better!!