Friday, July 8, 2011

And now, for something entirely different!

It was pointed out to me the other day by one of my bestest buds (Mim) that I have neglected to post pictures of Joy lately. I agree! Also haven't had any of Kevin! So without further ado...

The 4th was a long day for us; it was hotter than Hades, my brother decided to have his promise ceremony at 1pm, outside, in the heat. Oh my gosh. I only lasted about an hour and a half, it was just too much for me. Joy had a blast wandering around and getting cooed at. She went to her Dad's for a bit, then came to watch fireworks with us that evening. By 9:30, she was out. Derek's lap is amazing, he used to be able to put our kids to sleep just by letting them sit in his lap.

Kevin is in Virginia, he'll graduate on the 22nd of July, then he will go either to the west coast or to Japan or South Korea. If he goes abroad he'll get to come home for two weeks. This picture was taken right after MCT in June.

The raw wool from the last picture has been dyed, and I was all fired up about running it through my drum carder, when I went in to get it and remembered that I had loaned it out. Damn I hate it when that happens lol So it is sitting in a box, waiting for the carder to return. I will blend the gray and the white (now red and dark red) together, thinking it will be pretty.
When it occurred to me to dye this wool, I stood in the kitchen, looking at my 7 quart (or whatever it is, big) stainless steel pot and thinking "this isn't going to work" and trying to figure out how I was going to dye all that wool together. Then I remembered that years ago I acquired an old electric roaster and had kept it just for this eventuality. I knew that some time in the future, I'd be standing in my kitchen, wondering what I was going to do with all that wool.... ok, no I didn't. But I musta known I'd need it somehow.
I've seen and heard of other people using them to dye, sure am glad I kept it :)


Mim said...

Great picture thanks for posting them! I need to start looking for one of those roasters. Jo and I have been going to the thrift shops lately bet they will have one.

Laura said...

I have two dyeing roasters. If you get the 3 little pans to use it as a chafing dish, drill 3/8" holes in them and you can use them as steamers (which is what I do most). I've done up to 8 oz. of roving in the large roasting pan at a time. The only beef I have is that I can't plug them both in at the same time unless I run around the house to find 2 different circuits to put them on (they blow the breaker otherwise!).

I need another one to cook in, however!!