Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tour is off to a fine start!

I saw a post on Michelle's blog about the Tour de Fleece that occurs on Ravelry every year, and decided I would give it a spin... pun intended :)

This is the first time for me, so I went and read ...a lot.  There is a huge amount of traffic in and out of that group today! I can't imagine what kind of bandwidth 4300 members (and counting, people are still joining every few minutes), running in and out, posting, and 'love'ing, reading, and uploading pictures would take! Holy-servers, Batman!

When I decided to participate, I went into my stash room to see what I wanted to work with over the next 22 days. I found a bag of cotton top that I bought at BSG in '10, that will be my challenge on the 22nd; a bag of 'Gracie' that I washed a few years ago and didn't finish; 2 ounces of super soft grey alpaca that I LOVE and am going to turn into a super fine, three ply lace (that's the plan anyway); and on the wheel for todays adventure is the other half of the beautiful hand dyed roving I bought from Laura a couple months ago.
The brown skein is the qiviut that was shown in the same post as Laura's fiber. I got aggravated with it, because, even though it is still the most awesome fiber known to man, with or without neps, it got difficult to spin. I couldn't see tossing it (??? Never!) so I ran it and some of my targhee roving through my drum carder. It was a little easier to spin, and it actually made a decent yarn. Any-who, it was on my bobbin when I sat down this morning so I had to ply it before I could move on with the tour.
More pictures later!

ps. Yes, I am aware that the bobbins were dusty. 'Were' being operative :)

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