Sunday, July 3, 2011

I know, right?

Another post already?
I know, right? Oh, I already said that...

Well, I have a few things to share!
Yesterday I was sitting here, minding my own business, when the dogs went insane! We don't get many visitors out here so after I peeled myself off the ceiling, I went to the door and one of the Basque men that has sheep here had come to tell me that there was a shearer coming to town from Idaho, he'd be shearing tomorrow (today). Nothing like a little notice, huh? This is the same Basque that bought three sheep from me a couple weeks ago. I sold Misty (the Suffolk), Eliza (the Dorset) and a lamb out of Scarlet. The beginning of the end.
Then, yesterday evening, when the dogs went ga-ga again, I was a little less inclined to hit the ceiling (desensitized as it were) another of the Basque men that has sheep here was escorting the shearer around to the places where he would be shearing sheep. The shearer said he would be here at 6:30 am. Ok, I'm not a morning person, but ok. I couldn't sleep. So I finished this.
This is a very pretty pattern and of course pretty yarn :) It was so easy! Took me what... 3 days? Pretty good for someone who doesn't knit. (hehe, inside joke)
I finally got to sleep about 4, I think, then up at 6 to get the sheep ready. We only sheared three, I had sheared the others last fall and will let them be until next spring again. And this shearer knows how to shear for a spinner! Yay! He even has a Merino, and his parents raise Romneys in Idaho. Can't remember the name of the farm right now...
We sheared Honey, Scarlet and 'the wether'. He doesn't have a name yet because I wasn't sure if I was going to keep him. I might yet. His wool actually puts me in mind of Merino as to the look of it, but the hand is a little courser.
After flicking it is very fluffy and will make a nice yarn. I'll post more about it later.
Ta-ta for now! :)

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Kathy said...

My shearer does the same thing - calls a day or so out, then I scramble to get things organized on this end.
Neat looking locks! Are you able to keep anybody? Of course, there are days when I wouldn't give 2 cents for the flock - well, Candy and Sugar would be in the house if I let them. lol!