Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Girl(s?)

I haven't had much to post about lately, but thought I would get in here and share some pics of my favorite girl! She's growing so fast! I don't remember mine growing so quickly, but sometimes I look at her and its like I've jumped back 17 years to when Jari was that age, and I'm left wondering where it all went.
Well that melancholy note may tell you why I haven't had anything to post about, for although I am blessed with Joy, and have received a few goodies in the last month (fiber, fiber, and some fiber that I will post pics of soon), I have been fighting with depression and I am always tired. I really can't figure out why I'm depressed, but there it is.
Jari and Joy playing in the sand and surf of the river.
And if any of you fiber-holics are Mable Ross fans, I've got some serious jealous material for you! I found this in one of the Yahoo groups I belong to, someone was selling of someone else's stash, and wanted $65 for it, I ended up getting it for $40 :)
For a surprise, go look it up on Amazon.
Did you look it up? Can you believe what its selling for??? I now have it wrapped and stashed, afraid to take it out! Well, not really, just not in the mood to read it yet :)

Pictures of new stash material soon!

Oh! They called me tonight to work tomorrow, so hopefully that will go a long way to curing whatever ails me!


Laura said...

I didn't look it up, but I have 2 copies (mine and moms...). However, they're both in storage, so I don't really know where they are!!

Sorry you're having a down phase - we all do. I'm right there with ya!! Hang in there - we spinsters have to stick together!

Sharon said...

Down times are energy sucking. I start to get nervous when the summer ends and I know El Sol will be in short supply. I'm so happy to have a SAD light this year. Yeah, it's a crutch. So what?

Loved the pix of your girls - you can post them anytime, in my book.