Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's about darn time!

I will be headed to Texas tomorrow for two weeks to dispatch fire. This is why I do this, I get to go new places, meet new people, and at the same time do something good for someone.
I will leave you with a couple of pictures to remember me by, until I get done with fire season.
Gotta say thank you to the few of you who still look for posts here, and apologize for not keeping it more up to date.
 This is Navajo plied yarn spun from a splendid hand dyed Panda type blend, dyed by Woolgatherings who does nearly as good a job at dying as Laura! She has some beautiful color combos, and I could easily see my self spending boocoo bucks there! But, I'll save it for Laura ;-)
And Joy at her first carnival! The Lander Co Fair was this weekend. I entered a couple scarves and a hat, if I get pictures, I will post them as soon as I can. I know I got two purples and a special award, just don't know what it is yet.


Michelle said...

Beautiful yarn, as always! I'm spinning up one of Laura's dye-jobs right now; hope to have it done by OFFF so she can teach me to Navajo ply with it.

Purple Fuzzy mittens said...

Travel safe! And don't forget to pack your spindle!

Sharon said...

Knock 'em dead in Texas. Whadda mess. I do love those skeins, but you make anything look beautiful, no matter what!