Friday, September 23, 2011


That was an excited AHHHHHHHH! I have decided (at least in part) where I'm going on one of my days off. A couple of people have answered my pleas on the Yahoo group Spin List for information on any spinning interest in North East Texas, so I'll be visiting Rose Path Weaving & Fiber Shop in Lindale, Texas, then up past Greenville to Farmersville, TX to Fancy Fibers Farm, then back to Greenville to the... are you ready? Are you sure? To The Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum! I am so excited! I am super bummed I wont get to go to Dixon this year (Mim and I started talking about going to Lamb's Town when we were on our way home from BSG '10), but this in part will make up for it. The worst part is that Mim wont be with me to enjoy it.
Updates and pictures Tuesday or Wednesday!

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