Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free Time...

Between fires, the hustle and bustle of getting engines and firefighters to incidents, and paperwork, and map work, and aircraft flying thither and yawn looking for smoke and directing engines on the ground, we do have the occasion to sit back and breath, chat, joke and of course, for me to spin and crochet and knit.
No knitting shown here, but I'm still working on my latest scarf when the mood strikes me.
When I have the inevitable 'bits' of yarn left over from a project, or a yarn I can't think of anything else to do with, I make scrunchies. I take a pony, bought at WalMart in bunches of different colors and sizes, and crochet around it with different stitches, to make ruffly, fluffly scrunchies! I have in the past sold these, but here I've been giving them to firefighters and fellow dispatchers for themselves or wives/daughters. (the yellows in the picture look dirty white...?)
The spindle (my exclusive, hand made dowel/toy wheel design) is sporting a green/white silk.
Gotta keep the skills honed!

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