Saturday, April 21, 2012


 These are the most recent, and the last, lambs to be born this year for us. This is Gracie with her twins. One is a soft blondish red, her wool will be white, the other is as black as her mother was when she was young. They both had weak hocks when they were born, one back leg each. After treating them, the light colored lamb is walking on her hoof now, but the black one was still dragging hers. My daughter and I splint it two days ago, I took the splint off today to rest it, she's still dragging her foot. Will splint it again later today.
Chickens, again? Yes, I love chickens and I love what they give me! My hubby and I went out yesterday and renovated the coop, it is now as coyote/dog safe as anything can be, no corners cut, no loopholes taken. They are still in their tub for now, I think they'll be ready for the coop next week. I have 8 total; 3 Wine Dots; 3 Easter Eggers; and 2 Austorlops.

I got a little bit of dying done the other day, but I've got more to do, so I'll post pics when I get them all done.


Michelle said...

The most RECENT lambs? Have we been treated to photos of the OTHERS? ;-)

Jody said...

Congrats on your lambs. Is Gracie a CVM? Her lambs are pretty. Why do they get weak hocks?
Can't wait to see the results of your dyeing Becky :-)

Sharon said...

How many sheep do you have this spring? More coming???

ExamSheets said...

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