Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A New Beginning

Years ago, I bought some white, and black tulips. I had them in the back yard for awhile, then moved them out front. They've been struggling to come up and bloom amongst the grass and weeds for many years. I used to have daisys and gloriosas all along the front of the house, but somehow it got away from me. The daisys and gloriosas are long gone, but the tulips just keep trying! I've started watering out front this year, and they really have thrived in it! Although they're still surrounded by this tough old desert grass, they are more beautiful than ever! I'm going to dig them up this fall, so we can put in a raised flower bed, then replant them spaced out a bit, hoping they reproduce so I can fill the raised bed with them in a few years.

This is the newest flower bed. It is on the north end of the house where it never truly sees direct sunlight, so I planted some sweet woodruff here. I love this plant! The flowers are in small clusters, but they smell like gardenias to me. I also put a peony at the far end there, where it will get sun till about 2PM everyday.
This wheel barrow has been on this property longer than I have. It was here when we moved in, and I used it for a few years, before I decided I wanted a deeper one. It sat out back for a long time, and someone must have backed into it, because its bent at an odd angle, and the front tire finally went flat. I've walked past it everyday, two or three times a day for several years (at least ten). A couple weeks ago, it spoke to me. It said "I'm tired of sitting here rusting in the sun. Fill me with flowers and pull me around front, I'll be much happier there."
So I did.

It has several kinds of flowers in it, some short, some tall, some are ground cover, some creeping.... well the lobilia froze a few days ago and I had to dig it up, but I'll put more in it next week. I've since moved it more to the left of where it sits in this picture, because our prevailing winds come from the North and West, the flowers were getting beat up sitting there.
I just got these pansys to put in it yesterday, and the velvety purple ones in the picture below.
I think the wheelbarrow is much happier now. And so am I.


Michelle said...

It all looks lovely! I think Spring has returned to your heart. :-)

Sharon said...

Your flowers are lovely but I don't understand how the rabbits don't clean you out! Any flowers we have are in containers like your wheelbarrow.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

It may be that the house is pretty close to the road, we don't see a lot of rabbits out front. I don't have any plans out back now, but when I did something was always eating them, if it wasn't the rabbits, my sheep would get it.