Monday, March 3, 2008

Confessions of a Procrastinator.... CDTs & 13 Days

No pictures today, I was going to take pics yesterday, forgot the camera inside then realized who wants to see pictures of sheep getting shot?

Well, not shot in the bang bang sense of the word, we gave CDT boosters yesterday and boy am I glad that's over!

I am a horrible procrastinator. I will sit and worry about how much work something is going to be, and of course spend more energy avoiding doing it than it would take to actually do it. So it always seems like such a huge accomplishment when something gets done on time. The girls were very cooperative, we set up a catch pen and my daughter walked into it rattling a grain bucket, they all marched in behind her like they knew what was coming, silly girls. We haven't trimmed feet yet, I was thinking we could do that as they come in to lamb. I think one of the girls is going to go early, this is her first year and she is already bagged nicely.

Another (Honey) has a problem; she has a lump in one udder roughly the size of a silver dollar. The same udder was huge last year, and so she more than likely had mastitis then. I am hoping against hope that she doesn't develop it again this year. She is one of my favorite ewes, one of the first to come here and one of the most correct.

The ewes have the go ahead now, jugs are ready, shots are administered; ready for lambing!


WayOutWest said...

I just stumbled upon your blog looking for information about Battle Mountain. I'm currently in S. Idaho, a married guy with two nearly grown sons. I used to have Boer goats but I was the only one working with them and so.... Now we just have the farm.
Anyway, I really enjoyed your blog with the pictures of the Reese River Valley! My wife is a grade school teacher and I will be leading the way to Nevada next month. My wife will not be coming as she is working on a Masters at U of I under a fellowship and MUST finish that first! If you have anymore pics of the area I would love to see them! Also, any words of wisdom about Lander County would be appreciated!
I haven't BLOGGED yet... I really don't know quite what to say and being in the middle of big changes makes it harder still!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Wonderful! Glad you enjoyed the pictures, the real thing is much more beautiful! I have lived in many places around the country including AZ, GA, WA, and UT and I have to say, IMHO, northern NV is the most beautiul of them all. The ones I haven't lived in I have at least drivin through and still feel the same.
Maybe once you get out here you can reinvest in some livestock.
Email me if you have any specific questions about N. NV, I will be more than happy to answer what I can!