Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Work, Work and More Work... 10 Days!

Had a training session yesterday, a gentleman who has been in the drilling business for 40 or more years came by to help me and a new contractor learn more about a program called Gemcom. It is a mine modeling program and although I haven't used it as such in the last eight years (we use it to view drill data) I would like to learn to. This program is directly tied to my Access DB and through the validation dialog, I found out the my database is a mess! So, for the next week or so, I am going to be looking at lines and lines of text, telling me where the problems are and (hopefully) how to fix them. Soooo, unless I see something so beautiful (or disgusting) that I cant possibly pass up taking a picture and sharing with everyone, I probably wont be posting again till lambs ...if I can stand to stay away that long :) Love ya'll!

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Sharon said...

You can carry a camera and still not get the pictures. I had to decide whether or not to take a picture of pringhorn antelope this morning or be late to work and make my boss mad. I didn't do it - make the boss mad, that is. Work in good light!!