Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Things...

I had been tagged a couple weeks ago by Julie, but she tagged me for 40 things, I just couldn't come up with that much without getting personal or embarrassing. Now I've been tagged by Sharon, so since I already had the list started, here are 25 things... or so.

OK, no better place to start than at the beginning

1) I was born in Bremerton WA on September 26, 1963

2) My Mom and I came to Nevada in 1967 when she left my father in Oklahoma.

3) We met a man here with an A-frame house, they were shortly engaged, but he passed away from cancer before he and my Mom had a chance to marry.

4) My Mom married my Dad in 1968, and I met my sweet sister, who I have grown up with since we were 4 and 5 yrs old, so there is really no ‘step’ about it.

5) I flunked 1st grade.

6) I have a half brother (55) and sister (57), who live in Pahrump, NV and Chewelah, WA respectively.

7) I loved to dawdle on the way to school; my Mom came looking for me one day because the school had called to say I hadn’t show up, I was staring into a puddle, watching the bugs swim, she said, I was in kindergarten. I haven’t changed much.

8) Strays ALWAYS followed me home! I’m serious!

9) When I was eight, my brother died (my SS’s half brother) at the age of 16.

10) My Mom and Dad’s favorite punishment for my SS and I was pulling weeds. We lived on 5 acres; trust me, there were plenty!

11) My SS and I used to play catch in the chirt, barefooted. One day I tried to catch the ball with both feet. She still loves telling that story.

12) I begged and begged until my Dad bought me a horse when I was 12 I think, possibly 13… she was the nastiest nag anyone ever thought of putting on the earth. But I rode her anyway. There is no way I can explain how euphoric it is to ride full speed with the wind whipping past your ears and its just you and the horse and the desert.

13) Then I got Blaze, a quarter horse filly, she wasn’t saddle trained, so I got bucked off, a lot. Into the shed. Over the barn, through the fence. I was stepped on and kicked and drug… never fazed me, I just got back on.

14) I never belonged to a ‘click’ in high school, I was my own click; I was friends with everybody and nobody. Yep, I’m a loner :)

15) I played the saxophone for 8 years; tenor, alto and soprano. Still play my alto occasionally.

16) I didn’t graduate high school but I have two Associates degrees in Computer technology.

17) I got married to Tad’s father in 1982, moved to Wyoming, then to Utah, then to Georgia where I worked in a stove factory for more than 4 years. Met lots of people I still love to this day and learned a lot.

18) I met Derek on January 28th 1988 in the Owl Club and for all but one month, we’ve been together since.

19) My GPA is 3.7; something I was very proud of and worked very hard to get. It would have been higher had I not had to take English 101; I hate English! It’s why I didn’t graduate to start with! I got a C in that class, and only because the teacher liked me.

20) I like to party, karaoke mostly. I love tequila, and am a happy, fun drunk. I hate beer.

21) I hate house work.

22) I work for the BLM during the summers when I can as a fire dispatcher.

23) I have worked in 12 states; Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, Alaska, Texas, Georgia, Utah, Wyoming.

24) I have lived in 7 different states; Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Georgia, Washington and Oklahoma.

25) I love my kids to be home from school.

26) I have only been fired from one job in my life.

27) I have worked in gas stations, on road crews, at gold mines, grocery stores, a stove mill, silk screening, with Thoroughbreds (brood mares and two year olds in training), in offices, at a newspaper, as a drafter… I can’t even think of all the different things I have done in my life, it has been well rounded :)

OK, so there are a couple more, just had to share :)

So who am I going to tag?

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Sharon said...

Wow - who knew?! That's a great list and if you didn't confess to having one in progress, I would really be blown away. It took me over a week to put mine together.