Sunday, November 22, 2009

Of Chickens, Sheep and Cats

We've had some really nice days lately, cool but sunny and calm, I've been enjoying them by sitting and watching the chickens between spinning and getting ready for Thanksgiving.

I've had some weird eggs lately; one was fairly small and very elongated with a thin shell, and another normal sized with a shell that was so thin I couldn't believe it made it out whole! So I started them on oyster shells. I had assumed that they were getting what they needed out of the fairly expensive lay mash but apparently the name doesn't mean much.

Such a pretty day, sigh! I wish it would stay like this year round.

We finally were able to get the winter hay in and my DD's BF came and helped us (well, Kevin) re-stack it. When it come off the hay bale stacker it is stacked with long crevices down through the stack where water will run through and rot the hay. It was in two fairly high stacks so we moved most of what was on top and re-stacked it, then covered the back half. Hoping to not lose much out of this lot, I have lost up to a ton before and it is really disheartening.

And here's s Grace, we havent seen her in my blog since she was a little baby, she is still just as lovable and still fairly small, such a sweetheart! I've decided to name Honey's baby Ruby, she is the one to the left in the coat; and you can just see Hairy in his doggy coat to the right of Grace.
This is Sansa, that fun loving furry wrecking ball. She loves to watch the printer print, and as soon as I start a page, I swear no matter where she is in the house she comes running to watch. Afterward she always climbs up onto my monitor for a bit to watch the mouse move around the screen (pretty ironic huh? lol) She had gotten bored with it and me so lazed out to have a bit of a nap. (Yes, I was playing FarmTown on FB :)


Sharon said...

I need a cat in my life - so glad Ian changed his way. Of course, said cat adores avowed cat hater - what can I say.

My dad always fed supplemental oyster shells to our chickens - not that I have any now. Just passing it along.

Jody said...

Your sheep have such pretty faces Becky:)

Mim said...

Everything looks so nice even your new blog pages! I also feed a hand full of oyster shell to the chickens now and them. Yeah FarmTown!!
One more thing I just have to let you know there is a rancher out of Susanville with a barn full of grass hay he is delivering out to our valley for $6.00 a bale!!! 125 pound bales. Needless to say the entire (almost) valley has some. Mine is coming Wednesday.

Leigh said...

Sharon needs a cat in her life, I need a good game. No wait, I have the cat and enough to keep my busy for years to come!

Very nice photos and interesting about the chickens. Hopefully I'll have a chicken coop and yard by next spring(?) so I need to know these things.