Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bubblin' Brew

I was walking through my back yard on Wednesday (something I do surprisingly little), when I came across a bubbling puddle. Nope, not black gold! Exactly the opposite actually, it was sewage.
I'm going to spare you the gory details, suffice to say it was an adventure from the start, thank goodness we had Kevin to help, I am so horribly dependent on him! What am I going to do when he leaves?
We hired a back hoe to do most of the digging, and the guy actually stayed and helped a bit with replacing the lines, which was great because Derek was on graveyard (always happens that way doesn't it?). Whilst digging up the sewer lines a water line to an outdoor hydrant was broken, which I capped off thinking it was a dead end and wouldn't hurt anything, well it wasn't. We had no water for 2 days while we tried to figure out the problem... the lines in the back go every which way (a legacy of the previous owners, and probably the ones before them) turns out the line that went to the hydrant also feeds the house. Who'da thunk that the line that comes out of the pump house would go out into the middle of the yard to a hydrant, then circle back around to the opposite end of the house? ugh.
We have water now, and no bubbling brew, but I'm pretty sure I've got a big question mark over my head begging the answer to the riddle of my water lines.

I will be taking a train to Reno tomorrow morning so my family will have two vehicles while I'm gone. Kevin is house sitting for a friend that's on vacation, and so is spending most of his time there. I only have one problem with the train idea; I have to get up at 4AM tomorrow. I hate getting up before the sun!!! I think I'm spoiled.
It will be fun though, Mim and I will get to visit for two days before we leave to Eugene, and I always enjoy visiting there. A vacation from my reality. We'll leave her place on Wednesday to go to Black Sheep Gathering where we'll stay with our friend Laura who lives outside Eugene. We're going to the coast on Thursday, then bright and early to the festival on Friday. Yay! :)

Talk to you all when we get back, have a great week!


Jody said...

Sounds like alot of fun Becky! Have a safe trip.

Sharon said...

BSG is going to be awesome - have fun at Mim's!

Fiber Floozie said...

I can't wait to see you there. I'll be Camping out back in the grass. I'll be with the group from Spindles and Flyers out of the Bay Area.