Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hello? ...Is this thing on?

I guess I have to be patient, right? OK, I can do that :)

I came across a couple of fleeces the other day looking for things to spin for the Tour that I had bought at BSG in 2010. I had claimed the fleece of a CVM ram the year before when I had seen him show as a lamb at OFFF (Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival), it was so pretty on him! I was a little disappointed when it came off last year, it wasn't near as soft as I had expected it to be, although it was still nice eye candy. So now I'm a little off track from my spinning for the TdF, but not completely, I still spun a little today... oh, I need to go post my daily pic :)
The other fleece was a Romney that had won first place in its class in the BSG wool show. I had washed a little of it at Mim's before coming home after the trip, but hadn't really looked at it since.
I washed some of each this evening and it is now drying on my bed.
Zip, my aussie-golden retriever cross bestest friend in the world dog got his first shave today. He is close to 14 years old, and had so much hair that I was uncomfortable looking at him, even sitting in the house with the AC, just knowing how hot that fur coat must be on his old self. I've never had him shaved before because I've always been told that their hair just grows in thicker, but since I can't imagine him living long enough now for that to matter, I gave in. Maybe I should have done it years ago, but whats done is done. He looks so comfortable now. If what they say about 'dog years' is right, he's right about a hundred years old.
He is almost deaf now, I found out over the 4th. He has always been terribly afraid of the noise that always goes with the holiday, and would never stay outside for longer than he had to. Cujo almost broke down the door when someone shot fireworks off down the road, while Zip laid on the porch, oblivious. I had noticed him not responding well before this but that cinched it. One of his eyes is getting a bit cloudy, thank goodness its not bad or in both eyes. He was my truck dog (he can't even jump in the car now) but Tad was his boy, and I will miss him very much when he is gone.

Off to play in fuzzy stuff!

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