Saturday, September 17, 2011

Being in Texas...

I am still in Texas, and it looks like I will be here until the 8th. No Dixon for me :(
But, on the plus side, I am working. The money's good, the people are great, and to be honest, I love motels!
But I miss my family very much, especially my Joy. It was very hard to leave her and I'm afraid by the time I get home, she will be standoffish with me. I have talked to her a couple of times since I got here, she's getting very chatty, and it always warms my heart and makes my day!
I will have a lot to tell you all when I get home, there are things I want to post about but pictures to go with the posts are in my PC at home, and will have to wait to do the post credit.
Texas is a really big state. Anyone notice that? lol I had to drive a little more than half way across it my second day down here to get to the dispatch office I'm working in, and will have to drive back before I can come home. Ah well, it's their dime.
I brought my spindle with me, I couldn't figure out how to get my wheel in my suitcase, and knew if I managed it, they would beat the crud out of it anyway *sigh*, so I've been spinning silk in the office during down time, and have had (of course) a lot of questions and comments. One of the night shift dispatchers is also a knitter, so we have something in common. I am working on her to learn how to spin.
I DID spin today, not in 'public' but as close as I could get to it without leaving dispatch! Did you spin in public today? It was national 'Spin in Public Day' you know. If not, do it tomorrow :)
Time to go to bed. Cheers!

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Michelle said...

Like you I spun yesterday, but not in public. I knit with homespun in public, though; does that count at least in half-points? (-;